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February 2018 Fishing Report


Not to much to report unfortunately for the local fisheries.  Perch have been hit and miss on Portage Lake.  There is a good school of them moving around Andy’s Point, but you have to be in the right place at the right time.  Lately I’ve heard the east side of the point has been better in shallower water.  Hali’s tipped with wigglers and tear drops with wax worms have been best.

I’ve heard of pike being taken on the south end of Manistee Lake, but details other than that have been sketchy.

One quick blurb regarding a question that I get asked the most on fly tying.  Probably the most often asked question I get via email is how much material to use with each fly.  If you’ve watched our instructional video on YouTube you know that there is a primary color followed by secondary and so on.  For most of our flies our primary color is approximately three inches in length with each following color around one and a half to two inches in length.  There are some exceptions to that with one example being the white glow.  I use that more sparingly as it seems to “take over” a fly pretty easily.  But, like anything else, make your flies to suit you.  There are no set rules, and I guarantee that the fish aren’t going to complain.  So have fun, and experiment.  Catching fish on something you created, especially with your kids or other loved ones, certainly makes it that much more special.

As always send me any questions you might have to [email protected]

Good luck out there and be safe.