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January 2018 Fishing Report


So, is it salmon season yet?  No, but there is some good fishing around none the less.  I’ve heard good reports of steelhead on the Big Manistee lately, and the warm weather of late has had the parking lots full at Highbridge and White Fence.  If you’re looking to get on the river now is the time.  If you want to get out there, but don’t have the gear check out some local charter guys for an excellent experience.  Riverside Charters, Pier Pressure Charters, Steelhead Hunter Charters (just to name a few) are all top notch and will put you on fish.

Perch fishing has been hit and miss here on Portage Lake, but I’ve heard good reports on Pentwater Lake.  Oddly Whitefish and Ciscoe have been plentiful here on Portage Lake this year.  People have been having excellent luck in the “first hole” for those fish, with most coming on Hali jigs tipped with wax worms being fished aggressively over that area.  If you’re not familiar with the area, “first hole” is a 50 foot deep small flat just south east of the point.  Look for the shanties and you’ve found it.  Make sure to stay away from the channel as the warm weather and the Lake Michigan waves have made the ice in that are pretty darn sketchy.

Stay tuned for some new fly recipes to be revealed both here and on YouTube in the near future.  Be safe out there, and make sure to take the kids fishing.