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February 2018 Fishing Report (Part 2)


Perch!  Staring to hear some good reports of perch being caught on Portage Lake here in Manistee County.  Reports are still scattered, but it seems the south shore near Camp Tosebo seems to be the most consistent.  Depth is also a bit sporadic but it seems the best area is consistent with lining yourself up with the channel to the west.  Wigglers, wax worms and minnows on Hali jigs and tear drops are all working  Ciscoes are also back at it in the first hole and are seeming to be caught on a regular basis.  Fish those guys aggressively as it seems an fast raise with a soft settle seems to work well.

Salmon season is right around the corner so be ready with your gear.  Get those flies tied up now and be ready.

As always have fun on the water, and be safe.