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Special Note:

Some of you may know Curt Feldpauch, a former owner and founder of the company.  Although he is no longer part of the company, he has remained a large part of the fishing and hunting  community, continuing to give advice, mentor kids, and advocate for Michigan and the Great Lakes.  In addition to being involved in hunting and fishing, he also coached & helped coach sports with kids for years.

Curt’s been battling esophageal cancer for most of this past year, in conjunction with the Lyme disease he’s been fighting for the past several years. The Lyme & cancer work against each other & have made his recovery near impossible. He’s to the point that he’s exhausted all treatment options available here in the USA. Mexico has a prestigious facility that has been running clinical trials & treating patients w/ both of these awful diseases via nontoxic & noninvasive methods for over 30yrs (methods which are not yet approved by the FDA in America). & their success rate of curing patients is phenomenal. Unfortunately, once you go outside the USA, insurance doesn’t help much to cover medical expenses, leaving him to pay $47,000 out  of pocket.

Curt’s family is having a benefit dinner Saturday, November 17 in hopes of raising funds for these potentially life-saving treatments.  There will be several live & silent auction items available to bid on with all proceeds going toward medical treatment.  We would like to encourage you to attend if you live in the area.  The support that has been shown by the community in such a short time really shows what a great guy Curt is.

Saturday, November 17, 2018, 4:30 pm, Fowler Conservation Club, Fowler, MI


For those of you who could not attend the dinner but still want to contribute financially, here is a link to Curt’s GoFundMe page.




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We offer over 100 types of banded material cut on our very own custom machines. With more styles than anyone, it’s easy to find the perfect color, thickness, and length for your flies.

2 Inch Standard Cut Material

Great for making Coho flys and Teaser riggs. This is standard cut banded mylar.

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4 Inch Bandaboo

Bandaboo is a very fine hair like mylar with a band for tying ease.

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4 Inch Standard Cut Material

These are all 1-yard packages of material.

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A wide variety of color and sizes of glow and acrylic beads.

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Fly Kits and Accessories

Everything you need to get started making your own flies.

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Bargain Boat

We love passing on special deals to our customers.

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Bullet Heads

High-quality colored, glow, and metallic bullet heads.

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Fly Tying Threads

Assorted colors of thread for your fly-tying needs.

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Purple Taco Apparel

Hats now available!

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We proudly feature Materials

Manufactured in the USA

We source materials from the USA and North America whenever we can. We believe in spending our money where we fish. Almost all of the mylar we use is produced in the USA and we are working on sourcing the remaining items we offer from local sources as well. Our customers have told us how important that is to them, and we hear you.

How To Tie Your Own Salmon Trolling Flies

Watch the video to learn how to tie your very own salmon trolling flies for the Great Lakes!

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Manistee Early July Written by Chris Ingalls Early July Manistee. Fishing is improving as we speak and with the prevailing south west winds it should continue on that pattern. Water is setting up well with good reports of kings beginning to be heard. A mid 30’s pound king was taken out of Manistee last week, […]

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July 15, 2018 Announcements

We have Orange Pearl back in stock in 2″, 4″, and 6″.  We have also re-stocked the Travel Packs and the Captain’s Packs. There will also be some new colors coming out soon.  They will be released into the Bargain Boat first so they will be easy to find, so be on the lookout. Hope […]

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This is the fly I used for the teasers on my meat rig, cut off to 2 and 1/2 inches. The recipe is on the photo.

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