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Shipping and Deliveries – some notes

We are a small, family business.  We do not work 24/7, and we do not have our own shipping company.  We work very hard to fill orders in a timely manner, and most leave the shop within one working day.  We do take most holidays off.  Since we ship via the USPS, we also need to allow for US federal holidays.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Please take the time to verify your shipping address is correct when using PayPal.  The order will be shipped to the default address unless you specify another. If you have a post office box specified, your package is probably waiting for you there and will not be delivered to your home address.

There have been some comments about how long packages are taking to arrive.  Many of these cases are out of our control.  Packages are crossing back and forth across the country before reaching their destinations. Delays are not unique to our company.

Canadian and international customers:  International packages can take 2 to 4 weeks to reach their destination, and even longer during the holidays.  We ask that you plan accordingly and be patient.  Once your order leaves our shop, we have no control over how long it takes to get through customs on our side of the border or yours (sometimes both sides).  There is absolutely no logic in how these systems work.  I recently received a package from Bulgaria in five days, but one from the UK took over three weeks.

We have investigated other carriers, but the costs are prohibitive, there are high fees upon delivery, or the paperwork is so excessive that it is not practical for us.  We will continue to look for faster options.