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Manistee Fishing Report 06-03-18

06-02-18 Manistee Report

Fishing has been outstanding around Manistee, and its neighboring ports for several days now.  Limit catches are being reported more as the norm, rather than the unusual.  Fish are healthy and full of fight.  The best fishing we have found has been straight out of Manistee in 135 to 180 fow on a south troll targeting 45 to 65 feet down.  SOG ranging between 2.0 and 2.4.  300 coppers and 10 color cores equipped with Dreamweaver super slim spoons in blue dolphin, modified blue dolphin, green dolphin, green jeans, blue jeans and wonderbread have been doing damage.  Riggers equipped with the same arsenal have also been working well set 30 feet off the ball.  High divers out 185 and low divers out at 110 have also been taking good fish on Dreamweaver Kevin’s Girlfriend and Showtime eight and ten inch Spindoctors rigged with Purple Taco’s River Pickle teasers with Dreamweaver meat heads.  Eight inch blue/chrome and blue bubble Spindoctors equipped with Purple Taco’s custom Blue Maui fly has also been working.

The recent north wind has scattered the fish somewhat, but are still in the same general areas, and can be found with a little due diligence.  Our early predication on this year’s season is full of high hopes based on the number of fish we are seeing, the size and the abundance of healthy bait fish.  Time will cast the overall deciding vote, but this year may be one for the record books, or at least the photo albums.

Chris-Tangled Tackle Fishing

Chris and Jim from Tangled Tackle on a recent Manistee Trip.