2022 Recipe Pack



We have put together a pack so you can buy one item and make all of the fly skirts for the 2022 fly recipes.  These fly skirts have been designed by Chris and the Tangled Tackle Pro Staff team.

The pack includes enough 4″ Bandaboo material and Bulletheads to make 10-12 skirts for each recipe.

Recipes included are:

  1. Blind Osprey
  2. Black Pearl
  3. Reverse Osprey
  4. Secret Weapon Rig
  5. Moldy Lemon

The pack includes the following packs of Bandaboo material:

  1. Mother of Pearl (MOP) CI (2 packs)
  2. Clear w/Aqua Tint CI / Little Boy Blue CI (2 packs)
  3. Clear w/Aqua Tint Flat / Little Boy Blue Flat (2 packs)
  4. Transparent Light Green CI (2 packs)
  5. Black CI
  6. Clear Pearl CI
  7. UV Yellow CI
  8. Blue Green Pearl CI
  9. White Glows Green CI
  10. Chartreuse Glow Bullet Heads (5 dozen)
  11. Bonus:  Bead Grab Bag