Chris’ Top Pics Recipe Pack



By popular demand – we have put together a pack so you can buy one item and make all of the fly skirts on Chris’ Top Pics list.  These fly skirts have been designed by Chris and the Tangled Tackle Pro Staff team.

The pack includes enough 4″ material and Bulletheads to make 10-12 skirts for each recipe.

Recipes included are:

  1. McKenna’s Magic
  2. Tangled Tackle Signature Fly
  3. The Manitou’s
  4. Seven Fathoms
  5. River Pickle

The pack includes:

  1. Owee Blue CI
  2. Mirage CI
  3. Blue Green Pearl CI (3 Packs)
  4. Teal Hi Flash
  5. Chartreuse Holo Fish Scale
  6. Yellow Mirage CI (3 Packs)
  7. Chartreuse CI
  8. Baby Blue CI
  9. Glow White
  10. Green Holo
  11. White Glows Green Bandaboo
  12. Green Glow Bullet Heads (3 dozen)
  13. Clear Bullet Heads (2 dozen)